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ft*.*                                                    HCSIOTAL INCOME


,                    c     _j ..i:i,,j.


*v jessed celibates, the proportion of births to deaths is almost in
i761*63 VJ that vhich prevails elsewhere; a circumstance which might well
^-t> CPT one who was unacquainted with the exceptional character of the loea-
^T"xne population by the recent census was 2154r>7? of whom 794 only were
Mtiami^dans.   Tne moaicipai income for the year 1871-72 was Rs. 17,549,
Md this mar be regarded as a fair average.   Of this snm Es. 16,G66 were derived
from octroUoHections; the tax on articles of food alone amounting to Bs. 13,248.
These figures indicate very clearly, what might also be inferred from the preced-
in<r sketch, that there is no local trade or manufacture, and that the town is
m^ataCl entirely by its temples and religious reputation.    There was a mint
(ZTifctf) established iere by Daulat Rao Sindhia, in 1786, whence the name of
tfa* street called the Taksal-waii-Gali.   ^'hen the Jats were in possession of
the country, they transferred it to Bharatpur, where what are called Brinda-
hani rapees are still coined. ' They are especially used at weddings, and when
there are many such festivities going on, &e coin is sometimes valued at as
much as 13 anas, but ordinarily sells for 12,